Monday, February 20, 2006
Long Weekend
Between long car rides, visits with in-laws and friends, between malls and making pizzas and eating and sleeping and cuddling with a disoriented tired baby at one in the morning - I've managed to hide for an hour here and there, beneath a blanket to read lovely short stories.

I'm falling more and more in love with short works - especially as my time is so limited. There's a real sense of accomplishment in reading something from start to finish. It's wonderful.

In the midst of our whirlwind weekend we watched The Station Agent with friends. It was a last minute selection after hemming and hawing around the video store for twenty minutes (and wrenching the men from their hopes of bringing home spoof-movies involving low-quality actors portraying murderous zombies. Ugh.)

It's rare thesedays that I watch a movie that leaves me feeling refreshed. Most recent comedies are so lighthearted that they lack substance and most everything else that gets rented involves explosions or car chases and little else. I always seem to watch the credits with a sense of Huh. So that was two hours of my life.

But this movie was different. For once, I felt good after watching it. Not the full chested Awww, the protagonist reached his goal and life is wonderful type of good - it was more of a gentle sense that life is sweet and full of little sparkling moments.

I recommend it.

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Blogger LJ said...

That's about as good a recommendation as I'd hope for in a movie. I'll watch for it. Thanks.

Blogger david C said...

We agree from our end, a great, funny, poignant film that is worth watching.

YES!! One of those little gems which didn't get a whole lot of attention over here.... but I liked it! :)

Happy writing!


Blogger zhoen said...

It was subtle and complex, never preached nor insulted intelligence. The main character an enigma. Gentle humor. Except for the train scene, you know, that train scene.

Blogger Weird said...

Yea, it was good, not my common fare, but very good. It accosted me from the fluffy, depressing pile of Oprah recommendations that is my wife's NetFlix account. Totally unexpected and just plain good.

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