Sunday, February 12, 2006
From Beneath a Pile of Snow...
My head is itching and my shirt is popping over my chest. This can only mean two things: I am dyeing my hair (again) and busty girls were never intended to wear buttondown shirts (which is why I only wear them for situations such as this.)

I love changing my hair color - it's the only thing I do to really alter my appearance. Aside from one drastic chop to just-below-chin-length back in 2003 - my hair is the same as it was in grammar school. (Ok, I'm blacking out about 4 horrific poodle-perms circa the early 90's. But I refuse to let them count. I was young and under the misguided impression that looking like a lion caught in an electrical socket was "cool")

Tonight, I'm dyeing my hair because we've been trapped in the house all day, bullied by a snowstorm. Because I've already baked cookies and read stories and played games and put my son to bed. And, because the dye was on sale and the box was sitting on the counter in my bathroom, begging for a go.

But, I digress.

Late last night, my husband and I threw darts while an episode of Mythbusters blurred past us in the background. Between our turns, I rummaged through a big box of clothing from our condo and pulled out the going-away dress from our wedding. It's a cute little dress - short but cut at jagged angles at the bottom. Ivory and tight, but with a delicate layer of lace material skimming over the top. And, my favorite part, it's an empire waist - the opposite of the button-down shirt for girls like myself.

In a fit of random - I pulled the dress over my clothes and continued to toss darts (and lose) while wearing it, like a five year old playing dress-up. It was surprisingly fun. Firstly, I was quite happy that the little thing still fit nicely - even when worn over jeans and a shirt - but secondly, because it was a silly and purposeless thing to do. Just what this weary mother needed.

My husband even joined in my little game of dress-up, pulling on a sports coat that he dug from the heap. But he only wore it for a minute or two, as it interfered with his dart throwing ability. (He won.)

We stayed up long past our bedtime. I, in my little going-away dress - took off the jeans and shirt, and modeled for myself like a little girl in front of the bathroom mirror. Embarrassingly girly. But, it was fun to see myself in something other than sweatpants and thrift store tee-shirts. Something frivolous and fun. Something with such a happy history woven into it. This is the dress I wore from our wedding, across the atlantic, all the way to our B&B in Rome. Not surprisingly, I haven't had much of an occasion to wear it lately, so, yes, I spun around a few times, and smiled at myself. And enjoyed every minute of it.

Then I met my husband in the bedroom - and we played cards on the bed for hours. My best friend and I, like a couple of kids. It was the perfect way to usher in the Blizzard of '06.

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Blogger tablefor4 said...

looking forward to reading more hope all your snow melts soon. we will lend you some of our Alaska cold
Richard and Lexie

Blogger Distar said...

you write so beautifully.

Blogger Teri said...

Playing cards. Riiiight.

(tee hee!)

Blogger Katie said...

Life is made up of all these small, random moments. Moments that seem small and insignifigant when in truth they are so rich with meaning and special. Moments full of silliness, and laughter, and memories. They are moments to be treasured, to look back on, and that can and should be remembered along the journey of life. Moments worth sharing. A beautiful post, full of life. Thanks for sharing Mella :-)

Blogger Neo said...

Mella - Happy Valentines Day!!!

Peace, Hugs, & Roses!

- Neo

Blogger wilde_thought said...

No matter what anyone says, clothes do make the occasion. A comfortable, tight fitting sport shirt in my closet brings out the patio, beer drinkig, summer book reading kid in me. While my favorite sport coat makes me want to browse book stores, look up continuing education courses, and give my wife the 'eye'.

Blogger ~Deb said...

There's nothing better than marrying your best friend. It's truly amazing when you can find that. I know I've found that in my partner---and it's so much fun to 'be yourself' and act the way friends do + the benefits that go along with it.

As usual, your writing only gets better and better. You give a great imagery.

Thanks for sharing this--and Happy Belated Valentine's Day to you and yours!

Blogger zhoen said...

I love to picnic on the bed with my dear one. It's such a friendly, silly, warm event, especially when the cat joins in for a quick nap.

Blogger Mella said...

Impromptu fun with someone you can trust to still love you even at your strangest - it's a beautiful thing.

Mella ~

Sounds like a picture perfect night. :) And yes, i would have loved to have captured you in full twirl!

Love the new pic too. I had to do a double take. It almost looked like you had the drastic cut again - but you look gorgeous!!!
And yes... gotta love the empire waist! What would we, busty girls do otherwise?! hehehehe.


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