Thursday, February 09, 2006
Two bottles of Infant Cold/Cough/Fever Reducer medicine: $10.00

Two boxes of tissues & Vaseline for a tiny raw nose: $5.00

Four loads of laundry to wash sneezed on/sniffled on/snotted on clothing and blankets: $4.00

Ibuprofen for Mama's aching back and arms from holding and rocking for days on end: $5.00

Finally having your child fall asleep?



watching too much tv, mella?

I hope you got some rest too, and that the boss is bouncing around again soon.

Take care, you.


Blogger TrappedInColorado said...

That was a great post. Enough said.

Blogger Katie said...

Oh dear! I hope that your little boss feels better soon and I hope that he doesn't pass anything on to you. But being that you are a Mom you probably will not get sick. Mothers have a speacial immunity to these things. I cannot ever remember my Mom once having a cold my whole childhood. Take care and squeeze in some rest when you can. :-)

Blogger TravelingMermaid said...

This too shall pass......

Blogger Mella said...

Thanks everyone. Would you believe that not even five minutes after I posted this, he woke up from his brief slumber and I became his human-tissue/teddy bear again?

He's doing better today though. Finally.

Blogger szerin said...

:P Take good care of yourself too Mella..!

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