Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Sinking In...
Cuddled beneath the blankets, he breaths long slow breaths as his hands slowly smooth over soft fleece. I watch as he dreams. His little lips quiver. His eyelids press tight. His round cheeks pinch and relax.

When I was expecting him, no one told me about times like this. Cozy afternoon naps and the hushed lullaby of baby’s breath. No one told me that this sort of sweetness existed outside of popcorn filled theaters.

I remember what they did tell me. That he'd run me ragged. That I'd be sleep deprived and lifeless. That I'd be sagging breasts and thick thighs and that my skin would be scarred with a roadmap of his journey from womb to the world. Of course, they also told me that I'd love him. But there was no mention of the wonder of times like these. And it's times like these that make it all worth it. Overflowing diaper genies, spit-up stained shirts and purple-faced fussy fits seem like a lifetime away when you're curled up beside a sleeping little one.

My hand smooths over the soft skin of my belly and I close my eyes, listening to his breath. I can do this again. I press my palm gently against my stomach and smile. I
could do this foever.



Blogger Patrick said...

Very nice. I'm not a corporate blog spammer i *swear* haha

Check out my blog if you have time, it's pretty cool. Even cooler if you speak chinese haha

Blogger Stacie said...

What beautiful sentiments. I hope to expierence motherhood...someday!

Blogger Amber said...

That's cute. I love the "I watch as he dreams" part. He's probably dreaming that John Kerry got elected and the economy is booming. I know that's what I dream of every night.

Blogger Weird said...

WOW! Your words have a great rhythm to them. They feel smooth and quiet even in a simple post. Nice capture.

Blogger LJ said...

Most of us don't get moments of grace like that during the workday, Mella.
Here's to the boss.

Blogger Mella said...

Thanks everyone for your comments.

It is a rather wonderful perk of the job, I must admit. He's a good boss.

I know exactly how you feel, Mella. I've been in the same situation before (except the pregnancy thing) and thought that life couldn't get any better.

p.s. I guanrantee he's not dreaming of John Kerry or any other liberal!!! That boy's a pure-bred Republican.

Blogger Teri said...

So beautiful. I just had my first baby and you said it perfectly. I've had that same thought: I could do this forever. I'm so thrilled for you!

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