Wednesday, October 05, 2005
Pie in the Sky? (further tales of procrastination...)
It's time again. Packet time. Time to assemble a months worth of reading and writing into a neat and organized pile of papers to ship off to my professor. I know that this time comes each month. I have it marked on calendars, scheduled as a reminder in outlook, mentally noted (practically tattooed on my brain.) And yet, it always finds me pants-down, unprepared.

This week, for example, rather than studiously working on my craft annotations (re: book reports to the nth degree), I’ve become fixated on the big bag of apples that’s resting on our kitchen table. We picked them nearly two weeks ago, with visions of pies and crisps and cakes and sauces so thick in my mind, I could practically taste the cinnamon.

But they've been sitting there - one warm apple cake emerged from the oven, but it was baked on the night that we actually picked the apples. And, it only called for two apples (of the hundred or so that are stuffed in that parcel), and, I must confess, I cheated...the cake was baked from a mix. Tasty, but hardly what I had in mind for my fabulous sack of Cortland's and Macs.

And so, for the past two days, I've been scouring the internet for apple recipes. Not a complete waste of time - but hardly something I can stuff into that packet that I need to be mailing later this week.

Then again, I'm sure shipping a glorious apple pie along with my writing wouldn't hurt my grade...


Blogger david C said...

Apple pie is an analogy for peace and tranquility.. . It reminds me of simpler times, the smell coming from the kitchen when I was young, my mom humming as she baked. It was family outings to go pick them together, and getting too many..

it is a shame that we are reducing ourselves to researching apple pie recipes on the internet... (and I research recipes all the time) when the act itself should just be a simple reminder of when we had no internet and passed information and recipes from generation to generation....

Nice blog...

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