Friday, September 30, 2005
Rise and Shine
It was so cold last night in the baby's room that we took him from his crib and bundled him up between us. He's so sweet in his sleep; quiet sucking noises as his pacifier pushes up and down, his little fingers carefully tracing the blanket by his face, tugging every so often, pulling it up, covering his eyes. I was on guard most of the night. Each fidget, each stir, brought me to lift my head and peek, or reach a hand to feel his warm body and hold him still. Sleep, I whispered, as much to myself as to him.

It didn't work; we were all restless through the night. And this morning we were up with Vin, saw him off to work. The baby and I watched the sun cut through the clouds and saw the lake wake up while I sipped strong coffee and shifted him back and forth on my hips. And then, he fell asleep, in my arms. I laid him down, and I was left in the quiet living room, with a laptop and a fresh mug of coffee - lo and behold, I got some writing done.


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