Monday, October 17, 2005
I did not buy decaf coffee beans over the weekend.

It was homecoming weekend and we visited the cafe. We sat holding warm paper cups between our soft palms and saying sentences that started with remember when? I walked out sipping my (decaf) café mocha and thinking, I don't need decaf at home. It's the caffeine that I miss, why spend twelve dollars on a pound of lifeless beans?

Sitting here, looking out at the first sunny morning in weeks, my hands are empty, my lips are dry – and I'm regretting my decision. I'll just keep telling myself it's not so bad - only 8 more months until I'm brewing the good stuff in a hospital room while cradling my newborn. This is worth it.

At least the boss seems to be acting more like himself again. He's in his car, happily babbling to himself and not screaming for my attention. Maybe he needs a little breathing room after spending a weekend in Grandma's arms.

Now, the trick is to use this time that he's self-entertained to accomplish writing…and unfortunately, I can't put my blog in the packet for my professor in a few, off to work.


Blogger LJ said...

Gosh, Mella. You can write without caffeine? And you have a baby for a boss?
I think you get some kind of award for that, don't you?
The cover of Newsweek or something?
You go!

Blogger Mella said...

First we have to see if the writing is any good - and if I can manage to finish more than two pages worth.

I just realized that I'll be working with AJ while I'm caffeine-free...oh no!

Blogger Nopostonsundays said...


I live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. There is not a coffee shop within a 50 mile radius.

But then again, I live among amish people. *sob*

Blogger Lou said...

You know, they aren't really lifeless beans, they are seeds. Seeds from cheeries.

Blogger LJ said...

I think you SHOULD be able to submit your blog, dammit. Especially if you can't have decaf. (Or live amongst the Amish)
Or have a boss who is under three feet high.

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