Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Wake up.

Turn 30.

Make the best of the day.

Photos and stories to follow...


Blogger Skye said...

Happy Birthday, Mella! You have the same birthday as John Stamos from Full House! :) (He's definitely not turning 30, though!) I hope you have a super day.

Blogger Mella said...

Haha! Thanks Skye - I remember thinking it was so cool that I had the same birthday as John Stamos when I was growing up. He was totally the cute uncle on Full House. =)

Random sidenote - my dad actually just saw him play on stage with The Beach Boys out in Las Vegas last month. Random, 'eh?

Blogger phx said...

Happy Birthday, birthday neighbour! :)

Blogger Skye said...

Very random! I've been wondering what he was up to lately! Glad he's still playing with the Boys. John Stamos was my teen idol... I even got to meet him once! So I still have a soft spot for him and wish him well.

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