Saturday, February 14, 2009
The Boss peeked into our room this morning, smiling brown eyes. He jumped in place and slapped his knees and said, "C'mon, Momma, I have a surprise for you!"

And so I found my first Valentine of the day, in more of an Easter Egg Hunt sort of fashion, with my son pointing and jumping and telling me to reach above the books on the tallest shelf in our living room. Glitter and marker and "Way to Go!" stickers et al, my son's name scrawled in giant letters. It's beautiful.

Lila came out, sleep still in her eyes, to see what all the commotion was about. Before I could bend down to kiss her good morning, The Boss was quick to point out, "Uh, Bean didn't make you one."

I explained that I still wanted to give her a kiss. That construction paper hearts aren't the only way to show someone we care. (Though they are pretty fancy...)

The rest of my Valentine's Day will consist of buying a new toaster, cutting and coloring fifteen little cards for my son's Sunday School luncheon tomorrow, baking cookies and buying sandwich things for said luncheon, baking a Valentine's Day cake to frost and sprinkle as a special project with the kiddo's (who love to be beside me in the kitchen), and then somehow attempting to make a delicious feast of Filet Mignon and Salmon for Vin and I. I may have purchased some fringe ingredients, sorts of things I've seen used on Food Network and such, but that I have no idea how to actually incorporate into recipes. Tonight, we experiment.

Another note from this morning - I received a comment on my writerly blog, letting me know that the first review of The Simplest of Acts is up at Self-Publishing Review.

He noticed the same spacial issues that I had with putting the collection together - the indentation of the paragraphs and the blank pages, which were in part by design and in part because I'm not a book maker by trade. But, overall, it is a fine review and I'm happy that I submitted it for consideration.

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