Tuesday, December 30, 2008
Quickly Moving Slowly
How is it possible that I feel like I'm treading molasses most days, and yet in only the span of one year, this happens?

Not to mention the size of my baby-tummy or the fact that I'm having difficulty tying my shoes already, and we're still four months away from meeting this new guy.

Of course, by this rate of time travel (which is the speed at which I seem to have found myself living), it won't be long before I'm referencing this same post and putting up Christmas pictures of three children in front of a tree.

In other news, yesterday I received my proof copy of The Simplest of Acts that I put together via Lulu. I can't say I was surprised, having read about the good quality of their products, but I was quite pleased. Cream colored pages, perfect binding, my collage of pictures on the cover and my own words right there - in book form - with an ISBN number and everything (yes, I am a dork.) And, I'm happy with it, yes.

And since most of the stories in it have already been published, there was really nothing left to do with them but put them into a collection of sorts, like having a portfolio of my work for anyone who might be interested.

(Though, my face on the back cover is way to big.)
It will be available on Amazon and other online book distributors in a month or so.


Blogger TrappedInColorado said...

How much for an autographed copy? Seriously! :)

Congrats. I can not wait to order.


Blogger Mella said...

Oh, well an autographed copy would be about $150... =)

You can actually order it via that Lulu link, I just mentioned the Amazon distribution because it'll be available to a wider audience then.

Blogger Charlotte aka TM said...

Congrats on the book!!

I cannot believe how your children have grown. I well remember reading you when you found out you were pregnant with the first one.
How time marches on, eh?

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