Friday, December 05, 2008
In our van earlier this week, we crossed over a set of train tracks that the children are familiar with.

Train tracks! Bossman shouted per his usual response to seeing the tracks.
You better be careful driving, Daddy, Lila warned.
Yeah, we don't want to be hit by a train, Boss concurred.

Vinnie and I agreed from our front seats. That would truly be a bad thing, being hit by a train and all. The following quick conversation followed:

Boss - How would we get home?
I laughed a little and said quiet enough that only Vinnie could hear me - Ambulance?
Vinnie - I don't know, maybe we'd just go see Jesus instead.
Boss - Oh.
Brief pause in conversation.
Lila - We'll need to get more gas.

So true, so true.

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Blogger Skye said...

Too cute and funny! I love little kids' perspective on things. :)

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