Monday, August 11, 2008
There is a section in our weekly community newspaper called Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down. It is two pages of townspeople ranting or raving, saying things with anonymity that they probably would not say if their names were going to be associated with their comments.

They range from the light hearted: "Thumbs up to Kevin for graduating eighth grade! We love you, Mom and Dad!" to the mean spirited "Thumbs down to the neighbor who leaves their cat outside all the time. Next time he's in my way, I might not swerve."

And aside from the four months worth of comments bickering over whether the town should have white or colored Christmas lights - there are the occasional gems.

From last week's Thumbs Pages:

"Thumbs down to the 'man bear pig' always dancing in my backyard! Stop stealing my snickerdoodles and leave me alone. Boooo 'man bear pig'"

What a bizarre little place I live in.


Blogger Novice said...

Ah, man bear pig. He was from an episode of South Park. I believe he was a figment of Al Gore's imagination. Something he was scared of from his childhood. Half man, half bear, half pig.

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