Sunday, August 17, 2008
Considering the insane prices of gas and everything else at this moment, it looks like I'm going to need to figure out a way to become more of a provider for my family. I'd hoped to avoid going back to work full time in an office at least until my kids were school-age.

Unfortunately, I just don't see how we're going to be able to heat the house this winter without me out there, spending 40 hours a week working for "the man"


I have some more blog posts in me, just haven't allowed myself to do much blogging as of late. I've actually been - gasp - writing. Who'd have thought.

Will be back soon with something more eloquent and less depressing than visions of florescent lights and wearing office appropriate fashion.



Blogger Susanna Rose said...


I'm sorry...I know it must not be very fun to think of having to go to work full time and sacrifice time with your little ones. But if that is what this season in your life requires you to do, then good for you for being willing to step up to the plate and take on that task!

Blogger phx said...

Would you have to pay for childcare? If you do, subtract that monthly cost from the $ you'd be making working for "the man"... and see if there's a way to save/make that amount w/o working full-time. For me, 1/2 my monthly pay would go towards paying someone else to care for my children each month.

I want to keep my kids home with me until they are school-age, too. It seems so illogical to me that in this day and age parents can't afford to be with their children in those first years. I was fortunate in that my mom worked at a small school (for $0 because my brothers and I all attended it) so she was always able to be near us.

Blogger phx said...

p.s. thanks for the comments. your last 2 have given me a good REAL laugh. you are too cute. :)




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