Friday, October 03, 2008

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And now that I've shaken the dust off of this blog by dazzling you all with a photo of a child gleefully squealing from behind a cardboard painting of a sheep - let me say, I'm not dead.

I am however, pregnant.

After the initial shock, (which was quickly followed by happiness and then trailed by fear) came the dissolution of my mental capacity, and therefore, my ability to write, either here or elsewhere.

Despite having seen the heartbeat at the beginning of September, last week I was certain we were having a deja vu moment. The doctor ordered an ultrasound, my kids and parents and I packed up our trip to CT and my husband left his job to be by my side.

They did not turn the monitor to face me and when the technician first pressed the wand to my abdomen, I was asked about my other two children. How old are they?

Questions of distraction. Never mind me, don't read my expression, let's talk about the spacing between the children you already have.

I cried, as I knew I would.

But it was at the relief of finally seeing our baby waving, the heart beat flickering. Strong.

So, that's me. That's where I've been. There's more, much more. Trips. Weekends away. Some new writings making their way out to the world. New jobs. But for now, I'm going to settle back in slowly...and hopefully not disappear for another month at a time.

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Blogger phx said...


Well, congratulations! :)

I know if I was in your position I'd be wondering just HOW it was all going to work out. And I think, it just will. :)

You are a wonderful writer and a wonderful mother. A mentor to me in both capacities. Big hugs to you and your "little bean". :)

Blogger dillyweed said...

Oh Mella! Congrats to you and your husband. I know you must be wondering so many things right now. But know that it's GREAT news. I'm so excited for you!!!

Email me when you feel up to it and let's catch up. ok?

Blogger Skye said...

Wow, Mella! What news! Best wishes for a smooth pregnancy... and glad to see you back. :)


I know there's a lot of sentiment attached to that ultra sound picture -- but the one of your son and the sheep cut out is precious!

Blogger Susanna Rose said...

YOU GO MELLA! It's exciting to hear of someone having number 3! Here in NYC, no one can imagine wanting more than 1 or 2 and when Rick and I want 4, we feel like the only ones! Yay...CONGRATS!!!:)

Blogger Novice said...

We call Mella "Human Pez Dispenser" in my house. So I guess that makes Boss and Lila Pez. Aw...this one is a Pezlett!

We're so happy for you, Mella!

And Susanna Rose, I didn't think anyone in NYC had SPACE for more than 2 kids!

Blogger Mella said...

Thanks everyone - we're pretty excited. Have an appointment today.

Susanna, my husband wants four. I'm on the fence. I've always said I want three or four...and considering how much I truly dislike being pregnant, I'm not so sure I'll want to go through this one more time.

Then again, I'm not opposed to it either, and if we have the space (we'll be crowded here with three) there's a chance we might go for it.

But that's way in the future. Like, at least two years from now. =)

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