Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Glimpses from Here...
We were watching a movie, my husband and I, when out of the corner of my eye appears a small round face. It's Lila, peeking around the wall, long after her bedtime, with a pink plaid hat on her head and a mischievous grin on her lips.

So, the movie was paused and I gently picked my little girl up and hugged her for a moment before explaining that she really does need her sleep. And I put her back into her bed.

A few minutes back into the movie, the phone rang. It was my mother and as I stood in the kitchen speaking to her, I saw the door to my children's bedroom slowly moving. This time, my Little Miss appeared wearing her pink plaid hat...and her Halloween bunny ears.

Through my laughter, I described the scene to my mother - telling her first how Lila appeared wearing the hat - at which point, from across the room Lila was quick to point to her ears and say And bunny ears - lest I forget her latest bit of dramatic flair.

Sometimes we wonder how dull our lives would be without these little moments of entertainment and joy.

In the morning, we trekked out in the rain to see our newest addition. He is a he, much to The Boss's elation. A brother. No name settled yet, but soon. And we do need to go into Boston for a more in depth ultrasound next week, as there were some (very minor, nothing to be concerned about) calcification's on his beautiful little heart.

I'm thinking now about the differences between my children so far. How fearless and dramatic my daughter is - how sweet and thoughtful my son is - how neither of them ever seem to lack the energy to storm circles around my house, chanting gibberish at the tops of their lungs. And I wonder - will this little one be my quiet one? Will he be the one content to read on my lap rather than chase invisible monsters with flashlights through the darkened bedroom? I wonder.

A whole new person, in every way. What an exciting thing to be thankful for.


Anonymous phx said...

I thought the Boss might be getting a little brother, after he told you he was with such conviction. :)

Those things kids do... it makes parenting so much more rewarding than any other "job"...

Yesterday Lily was reading a book to me that has pictures of different things that start with certain letters, we were on the LMN page, and on the page was a girl pointing to her Nose. So Lily says "A lemon, a lion, a mouse, a picking the nose". :)

I'm so glad everything looks good for your newest little one.

Blogger szerin said...

Happy news! =) Have a good day!

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