Saturday, November 08, 2008
I'm working five days a week now. The job itself pays very well and includes full benefits, even at my part-time status. And it's easy. Monkey work, really. Ok, perhaps a step above monkey. Maybe a trained monkey.

The problem is...I'm in a cube. I've never considered myself to be a "cubie" - as they affectionately refer to themselves here at this company. I'm in a cube, doing something that is completely uninspiring and/or interesting. Which has me thinking...

If I'm going to be spending time apart from my family, I should at least be doing something I'm passionate about. Something that I'd do with or without a paycheck and health insurance attached to it.

And so now I'm pondering the possibility of going back to school...yet again. Because I know that what my heart wants, is to teach writing. To be facilitating workshops and encouraging college students or MFA'ers, to be actually using my MFA degree myself.

What I need is a low-residency or distance learning PhD program that will still allow me to be a mother and "cubie" in the meantime. I've found a couple, have inquired. Will see what's to come...

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Blogger Katherine said...

That's an exciting step to be contemplating. As I've gotten older, I've realized that it's a personal responsibility to "craft" the job that is ideal for me. And if what you are pursuing taps into what you feel like you are meant to do, then it will help you persist through all the tough times along the way.

Blogger Muley said...

You sound like you've hit straight up against the choice that many of us inevitably face -- between the safe, dependable but boring and soulless job, as opposed to the job which might match our talents and desires, but is risky, hard to find, maybe hard to hold onto.

As someone who is also wrestling with thoughts about the ability to "make the jump," I'll look forward to learning what you decide.

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