Sunday, August 03, 2008
Summer Scenes
We have had a rainy summer. Hot, humid days, followed by showers that cool off the evenings. This has been particularly wonderful for our little tomato garden. We attempted to grow tomatoes last summer, with no success. And I had little hope for this year - until the downpours came and surprised us with tall, flourishing plants.

Our garden is also, as The Boss is pointing out here to Lila, worms.

Speaking of things growing, Lila's hair has been slowly shedding its mullet-like qualities and she finally looks like a girl, even when wearing blue or neutral colors.
But it was just today while visiting friends that I realized (or, it was pointed out to me by my friend) that she has enough hair to pull of pigtails. How could I have been missing something so obvious all summer?

The only way I could get her to sit still long enough to take a picture of her new hair-do was to feed her a cookie...

She is also a brazen dare devil. If there is something that looks dangerous, she sees it as an invitation to give me a heart attack. Today, she insisted on lowering herself into the swimming pool - not by way of the safe stairs, mind you (which is where my wiser, more cautious son remained for most of his time in the pool.)
No, my daughter insisted on lowering herself one leg after the other over the concrete side of the pool, without her daddy's help.

At least, as this picture proves, she's not entirely immune to fear.

Two seconds later she was gleefully squealing at her success. God bless her. I'd be with my son on the steps.


Blogger Skye said...

Awesome! LOVE the pigtails! I'd be on the steps too. :)

Blogger Novice said...

Awesome pigtails! I love it when you can make little sprouts on top of their heads.

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