Monday, July 07, 2008
I may have ADD

These are some of the assorted thoughts pinging around in my brain at ten to midnight when I should be sleeping and not, well, blogging.

I can't believe I listened to the entire Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch song "Good Vibrations" while driving to work this morning.

I can't believe that I think I might have enjoyed it.

Check Duotrope

Of course I enjoyed Good Vibrations. I was a tween/teen in the 90's, living near Boston.


Man, Marky Mark really worked his career pretty well - from underwear advertisements to leading man in Hollywood.


Why am I still thinking about Marky Mark?

Blueberries would be perfection...but only if they're on sale (and there are at least two that look slightly under ripe in the container. I like them tart.)

Do I like the name Sunday Rose?

Does it matter?


My hair is purple (unfortunate self dye job) and frizzing out in the humidity.


Why didn't I spend more time on the treadmill this afternoon?


I wonder if anythings been updated at Duotrope.


I wonder if my submissions have been lost - or if I'm just never going to hear back from a certain few places.

Birds. Migration. I should hurry up and finish Birds in Fall so that I can stop staying up late to read.

Who am I kidding. Then I'll just be online instead.

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Anonymous phx said...

Personally, I think Mark Walburg (sp?) is cute. :)

Hope you hear back on those submissions soon!

I have nights like these, I like your way of explaining it, the thoughts do indeed *ping*. :)

I should try Scrabulous.

I would like to know why they chose Sunday as a first name. Is it something special in the meaning?

Blogger Novice said...

Phx, I agree. I was not a fan of him in the Marky Mark stage (though I do like that song). Now, however, both Wahlburgs are smokin' hot.

Mella, you go Scrabulous. And spray yourself in the face with some cold water to help with the humidity.

Can you post pictures of your purple hair? Is it punk rock purple?

I kind of want punk purple hair.

Blogger Susanna Rose said... this post! I have random thoughts such as these spinning in my head all the time! I'm with you on contemplating the Sunday Rose thing...especially when she was born on Monday, it really doens't seem to make much sense!;) About the only thing I like about her name is the Rose part!:)

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