Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Everything Ok?
My daughter played with our phone this morning, per her usual routine. She placed it backwards on her shoulder and walked around the house babbling to no one in particular that she was playing with Alec-sander or that she had her blanket or dolly and hi grandma!

When I heard the phone ringing from her shoulder, I leaped up from my morning writing and dashed to hang up on whomever she was calling. Thankfully, the voice on the other end sounded robotic, a telemarketer perhaps? So I hung it up and returned the phone to its cradle. It rang back again almost instantly, without any number on the caller idea. A phantom phone call that I ignored.

Ten minutes later, the doorbell rings. I did a quick check - we're all wearing pants, good. I haven't showered in two days, but decide that I don't really care and scoop up Lila to open the door. I've found that holding a cute child detracts from most any personal hygiene deficiency.

It was a mousy looking woman with a very stern expression. And a badge.

Apparently, Lila dialed 911 and since I didn't answer when they called back, they had to check in to make sure everything was OK, that I hadn't just been murdered.

This might be one of my new least favorite way's to start the day. Explaining myself to a police officer.


Blogger Zhoen said...

Oh, dear. No more phone for you.

Blogger Passafist said...

When I was in Kindergarten the school nurse came into class with McGruff The Crime Dog, to talk about health and safety. During the talk the nurse said if you ever have a problem call 9-1-1. McGruff had us pass this ROTARY Dial phone around the room and we all took turns dialing 9-1-1. When half the kids got grounded a few weeks later, I think McGruff stopped handing out that phone. But it sure was funny!

Anonymous phx said...

oh no!! I've seen great phones for kids at wal-mart, including a small cordless-looking one. We had to cut Lily off of our cell phones because she started calling people too... not the cops, but random people in my phone. I got tired of embarrassed explanations. :)

Blogger Novice said...
Blogger Skye said...

Ah, yes. This has happened to us at least twice. You would think I'd have learned after the first time NOT to let my kids play with the phone!

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