Friday, June 27, 2008
Much thanks to Novice...

I am officially hooked on
Wordle and totally off task. But, it's after eleven on a Friday night, so what do I care.

These are some of the words from a short-short I wrote at Kenyon, based on a book prompt. Everyone was given a random book. And when I say random, I mean, like, "The History of Etching" or "A Dance Instructor's Motivational Guide" - random. My book was "The New History of the Organ" - and it was just that. A history of the organ from 1500-1973. Apparently, if you want anything pre-1500's, you've got to find "The Old History of the Organ" 'cause my book was having none of it.

The prompt was to write something somehow inspired by the book. The only thing I found inspiring was a man's name - Arnolt Schlick - and the juvenile attachment I made to the word organ.

And this Wordle here is all hip and happy, but actually formed from 150 words from a real downer of a piece I wrote out there.

You can put anything in there. Cat food labels, kids names, gibberish. Whatever you want to use to help keep you from doing whatever it is you should be doing...writing, cooking, cleaning, sleeping.

Consider this a PSA to procrastinate. You know, because I've found that the internet is very lacking in new and creative ways to suck up my time.

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Anonymous phx said...


Anonymous phx said...

i feel dumb for asking this.... but how did you get big versions of your wordles on your blog? I can only get tidy ones when I link to mine. :(

Blogger Mella said...

Oh - don't feel dumb. I actually couldn't figure it out myself either. But my dad put a program called Snagit on my laptop and it lets me take anything from the web and save it as a file. So I just cropped the pictures, saved them then uploaded them to Blogger.

Blogger Speak Coffee said...

ooooh that's how you did it. The "print screen" button also works you just have to have something like "MS paint" or better yet, Photoshop, to then paste it into (because "print screen" oddly enough only copies it onto your clip board)

all this is introduction to the fact that you've not go me wasting time on wordle too. sigh.

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