Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Lila has never had the affinity for feces that my son did as a toddler. She hasn't once taken off her diaper when given the chance and when it comes to poo, she can pretty much take it or leave it. Mostly leave it. After the days I spent cleaning the stuff from my son's ceiling (yes, ceiling), I consider Lila's lack of enthusiasm for the stuff to be an outright blessing.

Of course, you already know how this story is going to end. Today was the day that she decided to make her first mess. Now, why would today be the worst possible day for such an incident to occur? Could it be the sweltering heat and humidity? Sure. That made it less than pleasant.

But what makes today truly special is that it is the only day that we are without a washing machine (because ours burnt out last night, RIP) - which means that I have piles of stinky, stained laundry...and no place to go. (And not even car seats in my car to take the kids to a laundromat...of all the days.)

But there was still something to laugh at here. Even as I scrubbed it out of her carpet, and bagged the laundry to wait until we have a working machine again, I searched for her diaper, wondered where the origin of the mess was...when it dawned on me.

I hadn't put one on her.

The whole thing was my fault.

I need a vacation.


Anonymous phx said...

Poop on the ceiling?! I hope Lila never gives you that treat.

I hope you get your vacation soon--hey, when are you off to this conference? :)

Blogger Mo said...

Oh Melly! You do need a vacation! Just a few more days til and you get to forget about diapers for a few precious moments! =)

Blogger Mella said...

I'm leaving tomorrow, actually. Eek!

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