Wednesday, May 14, 2008
And then some nights
The hotel business surprises you.

Tonight, for example, instead of drunk business men lingering at your front desk while you try to count your quarters - you look up to see someone you've seen many, many times before. Someone who makes your face almost instantly burst into a smile of recognition - of "Hey! How've you been?"

But you don't. Because, if you're like me, you realize before you can even get that stupid grin off your face that
this man is someone that you only "know" through your television screen. He's a sort of periphery actor - the kind that reminds you of someone you think you might know, or of a place you think you might have been.

Or, at least he is for me. This is probably because he must've been embedded in my subconscious at an early age with his guest starring roles on shows like Growing Pains and 90210. And, of course, he later was the awesomely bad, drunk, pot smoking, poet bully in Grosse Pointe Blank (a modern classic, in my opinion.) And most recently he was Ana Lucia's partner (and the detective interrogating Hurley) on Lost (my favorite guilty pleasure.)

Apparently, he's in town working on a new Disney production with Bruce Willis. And he and a couple of other actors walked, rather than taking a cab, the mile to the Chili's down the street for dinner. Good for them.

Of course, I'm still here, counting quarter's, waiting for my shift to be over.

But, a two minute brush with 'fame' sure beats spending a night listening to a drunk story...or worse, five hours of nothing.

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