Friday, March 28, 2008
I remember rocking my son when he was about six months old. We were still in our condo and it was hot. Sticky, late July type hot. I remember his legs dangling down, his toes bouncing off my hips and thinking how amazing it was that he was so big. How before I knew it I wouldn't be able to hold him like this, like I could wrap him safe from the world in my arms.

I just went in and held Lila who woke from a dream and needed a quick snuggle. She's three times the age that my son was way back when, and her legs dangle down to my sides. And all I could think was, how did I get here so quickly? Not only one, but two children outgrowing me at warp speed.

What's different about watching Lila is that she's growing, in a lot of ways, into a miniature version of me. Stubborn. Headstrong. Loud. Dramatic. Flirtatious. She's a total ham, and she has a wicked sense of style (as is evidenced by the outfit she insisted on wearing today after her bath:)

Yeah, that's my girl.

(Is it wrong that I secretly wish that I could pull off this look myself?)

In other news, I've been somewhat successful at finishing some stories lately. I've had some interest from a local book publisher (nothing to get excited about mind you, but still, interest is nice) and some lit magazine submissions that have been floating out there for long enough that I'm starting to wonder if people might be biting. Had a re-write request tonight from a journal I've submitted to (and been rejected by) in the past, so that was progress. And it was nice to have feedback on my work in general. Another reason why the trip to the conference this summer should be well worth it.

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Blogger dillyweed said...

I had similar feelings last night as I popped in to check on our son while he slept. I thought about how one day I won't have him at home to watch him sleep like that or get his cuddles when he wakes up each day after a nap. Maybe it's pregnancy hormones, but it was painful to think about. I never thought motherhood would be so bitter-sweet and wonderful and frightening all at once. But it sure is!
And congrats on the publication submissions. I hope you hear something fabulous soon. :)

Blogger Susanna Rose said...

What an adorable girl and she looks just so darn happy with life!:) I love how little girls seem to have a knack for putting what seems like random pieces of clothing together but yet it always looks really cute in the end!

Glad to hear that despite your frustrations last week that you are being shown that your writing still holds a lot of interest to a lot of people. You are going to be fine and let us know what happens with that publisher! How exciting is that?!

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