Thursday, March 20, 2008
Triple Pooper
(What? Two posts in one day???)

First, Lila dropped one on the floor behind the play house in her bedroom - in a moment of unsupervised naked-time while I was on the phone.

It's cool. I have two kids, I left her in only a diaper to answer the phone. My bad. I get it.

Second, The Boss man decides to fore go using the potty in favor of stinking up his pants, screaming all the way to the bathroom and then pitching a fit when I put him in the shower - not even as a form of punishment, but as a cold hard reality - if you get poop all over yourself, you will need to be cleansed.

Third, I take a walk (if only to get away momentarily from the feces flying in my house) to check the mail, and find my thin little self-addressed stamped envelope. The one I sent off with my short story manuscript two months ago. Of course, it would've been far too easy for it to have worked out so smoothly, and I am really happy that they even asked to read the thing in its entirety in the first place. But still. It's poop.

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Blogger Skye said...

Now all you need is a puppy, Mella, and you could be posting about a Quadruple-Pooper! (Not that I say this from experience or anything ;)

Blogger Susanna Rose said...

Hang in there girl!:)

Anonymous phx said...

Whoa... I have enough trouble just dealing with poop when they are on the changing table! Lily likes to flex and twist and smear it everywhere, and LG... well he's got some power in his pooper. 7 weeks old and already I'm washing poop stains out of shirts because we didn't get out of the way fast enough.

So I'm with you, on some level, in this world of poopydom.

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