Sunday, March 16, 2008
I don't keep tabs on celebrity gossip. I don't know who's dating who, who wore what where or even, for that matter, who won what. I don't watch the Oscar's. That said, for Once I think that they got something right. It's a simple and sweet movie and it resonated with me enough that I had to recommend it. (They even play the soundtrack on the website. I'm actually typing this with it opened in another window just so I can listen to the music...)

For starters, I've always been a sucker for a man with a guitar. In fact, the very friend who recommended this movie is one whom I would follow around like a fifteen year old groupie just to listen to him play.

And then there's the European aspect of it. I'm a sucker for Europe. The grittiness of it, not the places from postcards or travel brochures. But places like this, cramped apartments with people learning English and mother's cooking in dimly lit kitchens and a grown Irishman living above a vaccum store with his dad in some sort of arrested development bedroom with magazine cutouts on the wall. It touched a chord with me, because it harkened back to that place inside me that never left Romania (which is, of course, no where near where this was filmed or takes place, but one of the main character's is Eastern European...)

It's late and the weekend was long. But this was good enough that I had to share. Immediately. If nothing else, go to the website and listen to the song that won the Oscar. (But you really should rent it. It's a sweet one.)



Blogger Susanna Rose said...

Sounds good Mella! I want to see this one too...there are definitely not that many movies out there these days that are worth seeing so I'm excited!:)

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