Friday, March 21, 2008
Balance, Persistence and Success
There was more poo last night, but thankfully it took place after my husband was home and able to deal with it. I was too pooped (yes, pun intended) to tackle it myself.

As far as the rejection I received goes, it's just another bump in the road. To quote the ever eloquent Nova, the universe has a way of balancing things and I don't fear that I'll die without having ever found a publisher for any of my full length projects. It's just a matter of finding the right one, at the right time, yada yada and so on and so forth. I spent my morning at work submitting samples to more small publishers, mostly for my story collection, but Phx, have no fear, I've still got Grace on the back burner (and have spruced up some sample chapters to submit as well...)

And now, speaking of both publication and Nova, you should stop over and give her a huge cyber-high five, as she has recently received some phenomenal publishing news. Bigger than anything I'm even aspiring to over here - larger than small presses and lit magazines - this girls going to be a star.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am blushing! Thank you so much! I'm so weirded out by the whole thing, I can hardly believe it. It was so very sweet of you to make this post.

And I am sending good thoughts and much luck your way for good news very soon!

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