Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sweet Baby Girl, originally uploaded by Mellahoney.
I haven't called the preschool yet, even though I told them I would get back to them on Monday to set up a tour of their facilities. I'd like to say that it's because I've been terribly busy and far to involved in more important things to invest the ten minutes of my time that it would take to pick up the phone and dial the number.

But that wouldn't be true. I've done a few things. Babysitting here, cleaning there, snapping pictures of my kids like I'm the paparazzi desperate for the money shot, cooking, cleaning, nothing too out of the usual. Though our dishwasher did break and that did mean that I had to take an additional chunk of my day to wash and dry and put away dishes. It's my least favorite of all chores. There's just something so icky to me about reaching my hands beneath a layer of bubbles and pulling out a sponge or cloth and using it to scrub dried food from people's plates. Trying to clean between the prongs of forks, feeling for any residual caked on food with slipper fingertips. Blech. No thank you.
When we found that the new washer wouldn't be here for two days - I actually asked my husband (like some sort of pampered heiress) "Two days? What are we supposed to do?"

Go ahead, roll your eyes at me. He did too.
Thankfully, I was out of the house today and didn't need to wash a single oatmeal crusted bowl or sticky child-sized spork. Instead, I was at my parents house (oddly enough, also without a dishwasher) where I spent the day with my nephew. And despite being indoors with two three year-olds, a toddler, a cat and a sweatsuit clad Grampy (working from home) - things went surprisingly smooth. The kids listened, the cat slept and my father struck the perfect balance of working and visiting.
And when I walked through the door at 9:30 tonight, there was a sparkly new dishwasher running quietly in my kitchen and a sweet husband who had worked a ten hour day, then came home to install it right away so that tomorrow I wouldn't have to run my fingers over dried on bits of noodles or rice on any of our Fiestaware.
Happy day. Happy night. Hopefully a phone call to the nursery school tomorrow. And maybe even some writing...wouldn't that be great?

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Blogger zhoen said...

I've gotten into a routine with hand washing dishes, but I so miss a dishwasher. My most hated job, all my life.

Anonymous phx said...

What a cutie.

Are you stalling on the whole preschool deal? I am, even though I know LB is probably still too young to get accepted to any. There is one in the park across the street from our place, but they haven't returned my email OR phone calls for information, and when I was finally in the playground at the same time as the preschool, I noticed they were only there for 15 minutes! Three quick strikes, I think. But then, I'm just a teensy bit reluctant to send her off, even though the interaction with other children without me present would do her good, right? Heh. Maybe I should have just blogged this.

Blogger Susanna Rose said...

Yay for a new dishwasher!!! I grew up washing dishes and I swear that's why my hands are more wrinkled then they should be!!!;) We have an amazing dishwasher right now in our apartment...we don't have to rinse the dishes for the most part and they come out clean as can be! That's what I'm talking about!!:)

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