Tuesday, February 05, 2008
Told You So...
My son has rhythm. And energy. These two forces squeezed into a three-year old boy's body can only mean one thing: Rain Dance.

The words are really secondary to the stomping of his feet (the right foot in particular) - usually he babbles, sometimes throwing in a noun here or there, say if Lila crosses his path. Suddenly, he's singing about her. Or sometimes he'll surprise us with a solid AMEN! and a resounding clap that would be more at home in the pews of a Southern Baptist Church than in my small kitchen.

Sometimes he tears out across the floor, just as soon as he's stripped down for his bath. This is called the Naked Time Rain Dance. (Can't wait to see the people who will find my blog by searching that phrase...)

Anyway. I warned you that there would be more video's. And so, here is my little Boss-man, chanting something about sitting down in a chair and stomping his way around my mother-in-law's kitchen.

Sadly, this is the only rain dance that comes complete with repetitive squatting (in such a way that I almost stopped him once during this performance to see if he was trying to poop...)

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Blogger Novice said...

This is the definition of awesome.


Sam is now trying to do the dance/chant.

Blogger Julie said...

That IS awesome. Love the foot stomping. Such passion!

Anonymous phx said...

I love watching LB dance--complete abandonment. She just lets her body go how it may and she already dances better than I ever have!

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