Saturday, September 15, 2007
Why I'm Like a Ten Year Old
Ok, so remember that whole thing about spending the money from the Ann Arbor Festival winnings on school debt? How I had such grand delusions of being responsible with my winnings?


New camera is on it's way - ordered as soon as the check arrived in my mailbox.

But I need it, you know, for that cruise I'm taking next month...the one I paid for with the money from the Family Circle prize...

I'm seeing a trend here...writing for money = writing for pleasure.


Actually, there's not much to think about. It's good.

Another good thing (and reason I am like a ten year old) - one of my favorite strange movies from childhood is on this morning (followed by the sequel - sweet) and my son is enjoying it almost as much as I did growing up:

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Blogger Susanna Rose said...

A cruise...sounds so nice and I'm with you! Money=pleasure too often in my mind too!

Blogger Novice said...

Would you believe I have never even seen that movie?

Blogger Mella said...

Agh! Novice, you're coming over. I DVR'd it. Though I'm not sure the charm of this seventies classic would hold as strong for an adult viewing it for the first time...

How about Watcher in the Woods? Ever see that one??

If not, we're having a slumber party and watching them all...

Blogger nova said...

Uh, yeah, I'm right there with you, at ten years old. I don't even have award winnings to spend and I want to take a vacation to Vancouver / San Francisco / Edinburgh ... SOMEPLACE next month.

Is it totally irresponsible of me to say that you deserve to reward yourself? Because, seriously, congratulations! I happen to think a present is in order.

Mella ~ Sounds all good to me!

Hope you had a wonderful afternoon snuggled up watching, and that the cruise is a little bit of bliss for you.

And yes! You do really need that camera! :)

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