Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Because It Always Comes Back to This...
The Boss drags me to his toy area to play trucks, then leaves me and runs off to the kitchen. This behavior isn't that unusual for him. He has a tendency to move me places and then go off somewhere else. This time though, he returns, bringing with him a toy train and a definite stink.

"Hey, did you poop?"

He avoids eye contact and shakes his head, settling down beside me with his train. "Choo Choo!"

"Uh huh, that's a choo-choo. Good." I nod and lean closer to him, touching his diaper for a peek, but he stops me.

"No," he says, swatting my hand away and shaking his head. "I fart."

Nine times out of ten, he answers a question by repeating the question - to the point that my husband and I have questioned whether or not he's even listening. Apparently, he is. And apparently, when he does answer the question, he's lying.

Because that was not a pleasant diaper to change.

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Blogger zhoen said...

Hope he is always a bad liar.

Blogger LJ said...

Poor little guy has learned shame, huh?

Blogger dillyweed said...

I love that one.
At least he's not blaming the "fart" on someone else yet, eh?

Blogger Mella said...

Oh, I don't think it was shame, just an inconvenience. He finds the whole diaper changing thing to be such a drag - cuts out of his valuable Choo Choo time.

And you're right, Dillyweed, I'm thankful for that. Thanks to his father (who occasionally slides into frat-like manners) The Boss is quite proud of his gas.

Blogger Novice said...


Sorry. I just had that mental picture of him saying
"I fart." sternly.

Blogger Mella said...

Haha - actually he is pretty deadpan about it. And, he still pronounces a lot of words with the letter 'd' - so it was more of an "I dart."

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