Thursday, April 12, 2007
So, I think that the only way I can add people to the invited readers list for Stealing Season is to add their blogger email address to the "invited" list. Apparently, I can't just add people using their blogger name.

So, if you don't mind shooting me an email (so that I can have your address to add) - I'd be happy to put you on the list. And I promise not to sell your email address to spammers. Honest.

Hopefully I won't regret making the site private. It's just that because it has so many random stories, with random phrases and bizarre characters, it seems to be getting stumbled on by people hunting around the internet for bizarre things. I mean, really weird, like, "grandma's pantyhose" or "rub mommy's thigh" - Odd stuff. Stuff that makes me uncomfortable.

And while the people doing the searching probably just peek in and realize the site is neither A) Granny-porn or B) A place for the discussion of the Oedipus Complex - they leave. Still, since the site links back to my "real life" - where I discuss my kids, with photos and all, I'd feel safer if the oddities of the internet weren't merely a click away.

But, like I said, anyone who wants access can have it. Just need to send me an email (link on the left) to get your name added to the list.


Blogger Skye said...

Thank you for inviting me, Mella. I appreciate it.

Blogger LJ said...

Read it cover to cover.

I think the scene in "My Mother's Daughter," (where Audrey says "I mean, shouldn't it have happened by now?") Is amazing. The next question is so real, so painful.
This is a great story. And I love her going home to sleep on her childhood bed - and how, in her exhaustion and without the perspective of knowing more - she misreads her mother.

I think the scene (I'm trying not spoil anything for people here)in "An Ordinary Evening" where the mother and her ex get together works like crazy. It's so human to react in such an unpredicable, dumb animal way...

It's strong the whole way through, Mella. But those were my favorites.
They capture something that's very difficult to express - taboo - and you did a great job.


Blogger Susanna Rose said...


my email is! Please add me to your list!!! By the way, could you email me so I have your email address again as I've lost it since we haven't been in touch via email for a long time! I couldn't find it on the left of your page but anyways, would love to be able to get in touch with you!


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