Monday, April 02, 2007
Rainy Monday
After a busy weekend of visiting inlaws, helping friends move, visiting childhood churches and celebrating siblings birthdays (whew!) I managed to do a little more dusting up on the last piece for the thesis. It's still only the first draft and I haven't done line-editing yet, but it's up on The Stealing Season along with Only in Bellington (the two pieces I needed a new brain to look at.) They're both long stories (longer than what I'm used to writing anyway, which is probably why they've been such an effort for me), but if you're interested in helping out, you can let me know if they at least make sense. I'm sure my advisor will have much to say about ways that they can be sharpened and fixed to be thesis-worthy, I just don't want to send her something that is blatently incoherent.

And now, if nap time continues to go smoothly, I'm going to let my brain relax a little while working on a meme, thanks to


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