Monday, March 26, 2007
Not Dead
Just two-weeks away from my thesis-draft deadline (and a little over a month away from the final deadline) and slowly going insane in a sea of revision.

Will surface soon.

I hope.


Blogger LJ said...

We'll wait, of course. Swim strongly!

Anonymous kathy said...

Wishing you hours upon hours of healthy productivity, laced with tasty-hot lattes and a perfectly quiet 'room with a view.'

Blogger zhoen said...

Will watch for bobbing cork.

Blogger Susanna Rose said...

You are an inspiration Mella! You'll get through with flying colors!!!

Blogger Novice said...

Need anything while you're down there? Coffee, huumus, oxygen tank?

Blogger dillyweed said...

Big hugs. And come up for air once in a while... Ya gotta breathe! ;)
Good luck!

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