Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Tagged by Jacopo, I had to scrounge through the recesses of my mind for Five Things that I haven't revealed on my blog before. I'm afraid that rather than interesting facts, what I've come up with is "my brain is mush-here's some babble."

The problem is, having been typing away here for well over a year now - there isn't much that I've never touched on. In fact, I'm not sure there is anything new under the sun - which leads directly into my first thought...


I ascribe to the ecclesiastical everything is meaningless mentality when it comes to the big picture and the focus of things here on earth. This isn't to say that I don't stress about life (as the archives of this blog will tell you quite the contrary), however, when I do reach a place of peace it's because my focus is shifted away from myself. We live modestly, with modest income. We are WalMart shoppers, (should be) penny pinchers, used-car drivers. Our stress levels rise with the price of gas, of milk, of life. But, like repeating a word over and over again - to the point that it sounds like slush in your mouth and you can't quite remember what it means - life loses its meaning when you focus on it too hard. At least, it does for me. And so I lean back and look a the wide sky, at the horizon dipping over the edge of the road, at the sun setting - and I remember how small I am. How small I'd still be, even asleep on a bed made of money, in a mansion set on a hill. How small we all are.


I am thin-skinned, shy and quiet - preferring to write rather than socialize, read rather than talk. I'm also loud and raucous and will approach strangers without apprehension.

I sometimes wonder if I have dual-personalities.


There is something strange about me. Something that attracts strangeness. Something that made a man at an autoshop cross a busy street to give me his boss's business card as I passed by (walking to the grocery store on a lunch break) - because he wanted to meet me.

Or, a 35-ish divorcee on a cruise with his elderly father, who approached me out of the clear-blue, to thank me for my presence on the ship - even though I was married ("I'm sure everyone notices that ring right away") he wanted to be sure that I knew that I'd made his trip so much better, just by being there. Odd. (And a tad creepy, as my friend and I went on to discuss after he left...)

I've had many, many random and bizarre moments like these - and it's not because I'm cross-a-crowded-street-beautiful or stunning in a stalk-in-a-crowded-cruise-ship sort of way - it's not. I'm fairly positive that there is simply something strange about me. Perhaps it's overactive pheramones, of the weirdness variety?

In any event, as a result, I have met an assortment of strange and wonderful people, men and women, all drawn in by my apparent weirdness quotient (including my husband - who, oddly enough, captured my interest by completely ignoring me when we first met.)


I'm bored with weight loss/body obsession. I feel like Danny Glover from Lethal Weapon when it comes to questions of diet or the scale - "I'm too old for this..." Bottom line: I feel good. Too good to spend more than three sentences discussing it, either here, or with people in person.


I believe God speaks in unconventional ways. Through CD players and alarm clocks. Through airport ticket-tellers and checkbooks. At least, He has to me. But that's an entire other blog entry - or four or five.

And now that my first thesis draft is just about ready to be shipped off to my mentor - I've got to go research the heck out of the subject for my graduate seminar (the final requirement before I can officially graduate and begin paying back Sallie Mae.) But this was fun. Writing a post that wasn't entirely thesis-related. Hopefully I'll have time for more actual blogging in the near future...

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Anonymous kathy said...

Fun! thanks for sharing!

Blogger John Paul said...

Hi Mella,

Its been a while since I last read your blog, but I found it interesting that you wrote "I believe God speaks in unconventional ways. Through CD players and alarm clocks. Through airport ticket-tellers and checkbooks.....". After about nearly 20 years of what I'd call lazy atheism, I found my Catholic faith a few years ago in exactly the same way. The messages were all in everyday things, but at some point I put them together and interpreted them as being something more. God helped be to think about the things that were already happening anyway. I guess I mean God did not so much speak and just let me hear. Away, your post are enjoyable as always.

cheers, John Paul

Blogger Darkmind said...

Gee, a young attractive woman being approached by guys? That ain't "strangeness pheromones" darlin'!

Blogger Mella said...

John-Paul - Great to hear from you again, its been a while. I have had some interesting conversations (albiet, one sided sometimes) with God via the simplest things. I think you're right when you say it's a matter of listening and interpreting circumstances around us. I'm happy to hear he opened your ears, so to speak.

Oh, and Darkmind, really, I'm not just being insecure or fishing for compliments - but there has got to be something strange about me that draws in the strangest people. Of course, they're not all strange. Hmmmm...perhaps I've always shrugged off the not-strange people as being merely attracted to me, and read something more into the weird ones, when really, they're just weird and, um, attracted.

I'm still not 100% convinced though that I don't emit some sort of beacon summoning strange people to talk to me as though they know me, or want to.

Like I said, I don't mind it. I've met very interesting people this way.

Anonymous Stephanie said...

Wow, I came here from Mary over at Owlhaven. This is great. I love that first one. How true it is. And your take on life and what others find in you is really funny and well written. Mind if I add you to my blogs I read section?
Have a Great Day!

Blogger Mella said...

Hi Stephanie! Thanks so much - please do link away. Where can I find your blog?

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