Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Seeking Failure?
While skimming through things over at Duotrope, I realized that the particular literary magazine I have my sights set on is ranked as the #1 most difficult market for short stories. Yet, I'm completely undeterred.


Is it arrogance on my part - or is it that it's somehow safer to submit work to a place where failure is almost guaranteed? So that when my work isn't accepted, I can shrug it off and say "Well, it is the hardest market for short-stories."

I'm not sure. Don't think it really matters, actually. If I'm going to do this whole writing thing - might as well shoot for the moon, right? And if my work doesn't land, at least it's launched.

I haven't submitted anything non-contest related yet. I need to do this - to really start acting like a professional as opposed to someone searching through millions of candy bars for that one golden ticket.

The plan, as of this moment, is to finish my thesis (still about 30 pages shy), then work on submitting several of the short stories to various markets (starting with the almost surefire failure market), and then proceed to work on the
novel that I've had on a shelf for the past two years. Who knows, perhaps it is something worth going back to and finishing. (The editor at FC that I worked with has been sending me responses to my story, several of which have indicated that they'd like to read a novel of mine...and, I'd love to oblige them. Of course, I'd also love to just finish a novel for myself anyhow.)



Blogger Darkmind said...

Fifty years from now, one of my most prized and valuable possessions will be a first edition printing of your short story collection. It will be autographed with the inscription "To Darkmind, who knew me when I was somewhere between a blank page and the empty sky." It would be as historically significant as finding an original copy of 'Atlas Shrugged' signed "To Mr. Manson, Best of luck with your family. Sincerely, Ayn." BWA HA HA HA!!

Blogger Novice said...

Oh, I want a copy! Only autograph it to me "for memories of Smack!"

It's not arrogant, it's hopeful.

It's also safe. You remember Troy? He auditioned to get into Julliard even though he knew he probably wouldn't get accepted and he'd never be able to afford to go there. So what was the harm if he was rejected?

Blogger zhoen said...

You never can tell. Shoot for the stars, at least you won't shoot yourself in the foot.

Blogger Mella said...

Autographed copies all around...someday, someday.

I like that, Zhoen.

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