Friday, February 09, 2007
Oh, If Only
The Boss bops around me while I'm huddled away in my little corner "office" - sometimes he dances around, other times he sits beside me with a toy or two, making enough noise to keep Lila from falling asleep in the bassinette across the room.

Last night, he showed more interest in my actual "work" - he stood and decided to watch what I was doing. Since staring at a word document isn't exactly interesting, I went to Flickr and showed him pictures of himself and Lila, my husband and I - to all of which he responded with gleeful squeals and an enthusiastic pointing: "Alex!" "Momma!" "Baby!"

Then, he got bored and settled back beside me with a toy truck. Vroom Vroom.

So, I went to check my various email accounts. While waiting for my Yahoo mail to load, he stood and pointed enthusiastically at the screen - "Momma! Momma! Momma!" I was confused at first, until I followed his finger to the advertisment on the right hand side of the screen of a bikini-clad brunette beauty advertising who-knows-what.

Awwww, that sweet boy.

He got extra kisses goodnight.



Blogger Francis au Japon said...

You write so`s touching.

Blogger ~liz said...

hello! i've been trying to leave a comment for ages now...then it dawned on me - i need a blogger account to do so. so i just made an account to comment...
- your writing is lovely. i found you through owlhaven's recommendation a few weeks ago.
- you left a comment on my blog a little while ago (it looks a bit differnt now - just changed over to a new design last week) - thank you!
- music recommendations for you to download: my brightest diamond (ethereal and a bit rockin'), ray lamontaigne and rufus wainwright (when you're in a melancholy kinda mood), anything by sarah mclachlan.
- congrats on being published in a magazine!

i think that's all the comments i've wanted to make recently. :) i'll be back to read more (and your kids are darling!!!)


Blogger Mella said...

Francis Thank you so much.

Liz And thank you too for taking the time to become a "blogger" just to comment here. I appreciate it - and thank you for the music suggestions - I can't wait to try them out. Your site is beautiful, by the way, I love the new layout!

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