Tuesday, January 02, 2007
I found out today that a story I submitted to Glimmertrain's Short-Story Award for New Writer's Contest is a finalist.

In an email they informed me that though I did not quite make the Top 25, the story did "make it a long, long, LONG way through the judging process (top 3%) and is a finalist"

No money, no mention on their website - but still, I'm happy to be a finalist. And I still have something to work towards - Top 25.

In other news - my house has been infected by an evil virus. Fever's abound. Coughing, snotting, mess everywhere.


Blogger dillyweed said...

Hope you feel better soon, mella. Thanks for sharing. It was fun to read those stories. And I'm sorry about the kiwi. I'll never look at the produce kiwis again without thinking of you and that brown bag!

p.s. perhaps the WNBA didn't get you, but I'm glad we did! Keep writing.

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