Sunday, December 03, 2006
O Christmas Tree

1:30: Set out with toddler and infant to run errands and find perfect Christmas tree.

2:30: While running errands, toddler gets antsy and hungry. We decide to combine errands and purchase perfect Christmas tree from the Home Depot garden center, rather than stop at the cute farm shop down the street from our home.

3:00: Stand in cold windtunnel with underdressed toddler and infant while waiting to pay for perfect Christmas tree.

3:30: Return home with tree, groceries and various supplies purchased at Home Depot.

4:00: Tree is standing in cheap-o tree stand. Sort of. Leans severely, but husband assures me that all is well.


5:00: Branches have lowered, tree appears ready to be decked.

5:30: Husband begins to attempt lighting tree.

5:35: While serving toddler dinner, husband can be heard beating tree into submission in living room. Quote: "I hate Christmas"

5:45: Tree is down. Husband is beneath tree.

6:00: Family trip to local mega-mart to purchase more reliable, easier to use tree stand to display our perfect Christmas tree.

7:30: Toddler hangs his special ornament, goes to bed.

9:00: Husband has successfully lit the tree. Huzzah! Decorating can commence!

9:45: Tree is beautiful. Pictures are taken. Finally, all is quiet and lovely.

10:00: Crash. Clink clink clink. Rush to living room to find perplexed husband standing over fallen tree. It fell, unprovoked. Some ornamental casualties, but all sentimental pieces survive.

10:30: Start over.

11:15: Thinking pre-decorated, artificial trees don't sound too bad.

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Blogger Pat Pritchett said...

Priceless. You all definitely have made a memory!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the trouble with Perfect.

Glad your emotionally relevant ornaments survived.

Blogger david C said...

I have arranged for our house sitter to purchase and deck a christmas tree prior to Jennifer and Evangeline's arrival back home for christmas. He is even putting up all the christmas lights on the house with a wreath.

Challenges aside, a christmas tree with glowing lights can warm your heart just as much as a well stoked fireplace can warm the body. I am looking foward to seeing the results and hearing about them when family gets home.... A most pleasant surprise.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I especially (couldn't help it) laughed at the thought of husband underneath fallen tree.
Merry Christmas, Mella.

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