Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Just Reflecting
They're black and white with glossy smiles. We found them while sorting through boxes in an effort to reorganize our closet space - pictures from our first months of marriage. Silly, random shots of cats and bananas and us - laughing, lounging on cheap couches in our five hundred square foot apartment.

Aside from serving as instant motivation to lose baby-weight, finding these random pictures was a punch of pure bliss. Nostalgia and warm fuzzies. I loved that short time in my life. Those first few months of living together, feeling our way around the newness of us.

Our apartment? A glorified closet subsidized by the college I worked for - it was love and hate. The galley kitchen had an annoying florescent light, buzzing and flickering overhead. No window. The sink was always overflowed with dishes. The bedroom window overlooked a noisy parking lot. Our furniture was nonexistent or handed down or purchased at WalMart and assembled with Allen wrenches (and aggravation.) Our neighbor blasted tele-evangelists at odd hours of the morning, even when he went out (to "keep the spirit" in his apartment while he was away.)

The apartment was my first real taste of responsibility. My first (official) home away from home. And I loved it - despite it's many (many) flaws, because it was my first home with him. The man in those pictures, laughing with a big orange cat on his lap. The man who wrote me poems and put our picture on bottles of Jone's soda. The same one whose hands shook when I first asked him for a shoulder rub.

We've travelled half way around the world together, and now here we are. The black and white photos neatly tucked away in a bedroom armoire (furniture that wasn't handed down and that didn't arrive with instructions for assembly.) A closet full of ties and button down shirts. A basinette beside our bed. Somehow, we arrived here. Grown-up, together.

Now we're bigger and older and seen in color photos on computer screens with kids on our laps. And I can't get over how happy I am - black and white and present day.

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Blogger goatman said...

Indulge in your happiness. Every minute of life is to be a grace.
Nice blog btw, I hope that you don't mind if I visit.

Blogger Darkmind said...

Post some of the black and whites. I would like to see if my age regression software is acurate...

Blogger LJ said...

I'm with D. I'd love to see some of the black and whites if you have a scanner. And have we seen very many new baby pictures here? I think not!

It's so nice to hear people being happy about life. :)

Hope you are doing well, Mella, and enjoying the new little one while making time for the older one. Is he smitten?

Blessings and love.

Blogger Mella said...

I'll try to scan those black and white's later this week - for now, LJ's right, I haven't posted pictures of the little one for a while...

Blogger Lauri said...

What a nice blog entry! I had a similar experience with a lost roll of film. When we found it years later and developed it, we wondered who those young skinny people hiking and having adventures were!

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