Saturday, May 06, 2006
The Morning After
I fell asleep last night with a pen in my hand, scribbling into a stenopad the thoughts of my last waking moments. Nothing coherant. Nothing eloquent. Nothing really worth transcribing here. But it felt good to be writing.

And waking up this morning, my world is different (comprised of the distance between myself and the arms that reach for me.)

Fevers have vanished. A beautiful Spring morning is waving at me in breezes of blues and greens beyond my window. And today we celebrate my husbands birth.

A good day all around.



Blogger Lauri said...

Welcome back to writing, glad everyone's feeling better, and Happy Birthday to your husband!

Blogger JB said...

this is strange. your post sounds like one of my diary entries when i still kept one in 1998. like we went through the same moment. hmmmm.

Blogger wilde_thought said...

The warm awakening of nature can lift the spirits; that's for sure. Glad that fevers are gone and everyone is more themselves in your household.

Blogger LJ said...

Happy Birthday to your husband. Happy Spring and pen-in-hand, Mella.

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