Friday, March 10, 2006
Something's Awry
Something is confused. The sky perhaps? It's a dismal gray, though the lake is thawed and flowing and the thermometer is hinting at spring. A dozen crows have descended on the lawn. Their inky black feathers look shiny and wet, but there is no rain.

It's a Friday that's carrying the deadweight of a Monday. The very day is confused. Fitting for my mood.

A decade ago,
her son was a brother to me, as much as she was a mother. Today he's sleeping on a futon in a friends trailer, hiding from the wife who stabbed him with scissors in the middle of the night. The woman who roped him with a child three years ago. The woman who beats him, then herself and blames him when the police come knocking. The woman who told him not to bother getting her anything on Valentines Day, because her boyfriend would take care of it.

This is how my dearest cousin has come to wake up, shivering for want of a blanket on a futon in a trailer.

This is how I've come to question where the sun is on this dreariest of Friday mornings.


Blogger ~Deb said...

Wow that's some story. I hope everyone involved is alright.

As far as the dreary day--we're having that here in New York as well. I heard crows -- which landed on my lawn as well. I thought, "Oh rain!" (Crows usually mean it's going to rain) And nothing. A weird day.

Again, I love your writing and the way you make it all fit together. You're truly talented!

Enjoy your weekend!

Blogger zhoen said...

Sad, frightening, dire loneliness. So sorry.
But the same as if he were a battered wife; care, and legal power. Refuge and acknowledgment of grief and error, and the human ability to heal.

Blogger LJ said...

That's Bleak City. Apparently it's been drifting around lately.

Blogger windowtomymind said...

Just taking a break from recon in Iran. Although your day and story was dreary, it was a happy break-a-way for me. Love your writing twists and angles. I am happy I am not the only one getting beat up and stabbed...but I have only G.W. Bush to blame for that, and apparently he is above the law.

Blogger Mella said...

It's been such a difficult road for him. Each time that he's called the police to stop her, it's been him that they've taken away in cuffs. Apparently, no matter who calls, they're required to remove the man from the situation.

I'm relieved that he has finally decided to leave - despite her threats that she'll kill their daughter.

(His daughter is "safe" now - according to DSS. She's in foster-care while his brother is applying for custody.)

Blogger Weird said...

Let me reiterate... WOW!

The cops should read your story.


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