Thursday, September 20, 2007
Because Pictures Make Easier Posts
I have a few posts bobbing in and out of focus at the moment, and I have an hour or two here in the office to attempt to grab at least one of them and wrangle it into submission, into a post that isn't simply a photo-update of my life.

But since pictures are easy and at the moment words are elusive, here is another photo post while you wait for me to formulate something coherent.

I post a lot of photos and stories of my children here, some cute, some funny and some that might even be considered embarrassing. Out of fairness, knowing that their embarrassing, humorous experiences have only yet begun, and that I will most likely retell and photograph them, because I know myself and know that I have a hard time not sharing a good story or picture - I've decided to unveil some of my own embarrassing moments, captured so lovingly by my own parents.

In the meantime, I call this brief glimpse into my adolescence, "The Badness That My Parents Allowed to be Captured on Film, Fully Knowing The Embarrassment To Come"

This is a New Kids On the Block tee-shirt. Oddly enough, I remember this picture being taken, and the chuckle of my father when I declared proudly that NKOTB was in fact the best musical group ever. Ever. I was quite serious about this point, as most ten year-old's would be, of course. My larger concern though is with the shirt that I'm wearing, not the one that I'm holding. Because, yes, a fascination with NKOTB is forgivable for a prepubescent girl growing up in the late eighties, early nineties. However, wearing a short-sleeved knit shirt with, what appears to be, a pink-roofed houseboat stitched on the front, is not.

This is a picture that might be considered one of my father's crown jewels. Not only am I rocking florescent (electric?) blue spandex and a magenta tee-shirt (which I adored) but I am also wearing socks. White socks. With. Sandals.

And here we are at the Grand Canyon. I don't know if I need to say anything to further explain the hideousness of his outfit, but I will. Notice the red hat beneath my arm. I wore that. Also note the black circles attached to my ears - earrings. But you don't get the full affect from his picture. No, those black circles are only the top of a mess that dangles in a giant yellow squiggle down to my shoulder, where a black star rests (Thank you Ames discount racks). The glasses I will not touch. Those are classics.

This photo needs no defense. Stone-washed denim jacket. Leopard print spandex. Another Ames special dangling from my earlobes. You're jealous.

And this, well, it's not so bad. To be honest, it's probably something I could even wear today. If I only had an over sized pair of brown corduroy's to cut off, then patch with an old flannel shirt, and a men's undershirt to pair with a hemp necklace, and a scrunchie to wear around my wrist like a bracelet. Oh, and an additional forty pounds or so.

Well. That was fun. I'm going to go and work on something a little more productive now, even if only a real post for the blogosphere.

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Blogger Julie said...

Oh, oh oh oh oh!

I had that same shirt.

Hangin' tough.

Blogger zhoen said...

Here's to photo posts.

No blame can be laid on any kid dressed badly in the 70-80's. There was little choice in the stores. Still isn't, actually. Taste takes time, and money, to develop.

I like to blame uniforms for my lack of fashion sense.

Blogger Novice said...

Somewhere there is a photo of young me wearing a putple T shirt, purple John Lonnon glasses, and a purple fedora.

Me likee purple.

Never rocked earrings like that, though. Sigh...if my holes hadn't closed up I probably would have.

Blogger TrappedInColorado said...

This was such fun! I'd show you some of my old pics but I was cool all the time. :) NOT!

Blogger Susanna Rose said...

Love the pictures and definitely can see your kiddos look a lot like their mommy for sure!:)

Anonymous phx said...

I love photo posts. And they ARE so much easier. :) And you had and still have the cutest grin. :)

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