Friday, July 07, 2006
Updates from The Boss
Boss meets the ocean...stones were tossed, sand was eaten. (Not pictured though - that's a cookie)

Pudding from Nonna. Pudding is good.

Words are still mostly mushy and incoherant, with a few standouts. Gran-ma. Da-Dee. This? This is his favorite word. He uses it to question everything and to tell us what he wants. Juice=This. Blanket=This. Diaper=This. This. This. This.

First thing in the morning, he will scream his head off until I open the door, at which point he will stop, smile, and point to his crotch while giving me a very cheerful, This? Man, It's hard to stay morning-grouchy at him. And I typically excel at being a morning grouch.

Though his speech isn't remarkable yet, he understands almost everything, which is both fun and scary. It's so neat to watch him as he does what we ask (Can you go find your taxi and bring it to Mommy? Can you go get ready to take a bath? And, like magic, he does just about everything.) It's fantastic. I'm going to try to hold on to this feeling of how great it is to communicate with him. I'll want to remember it when he's a teenager, I'm sure.



Blogger szerin said...

nice pic! Haha.. So sweet.. =) Yeah, kids at 3 to 5 years old are cute and adorable... When they turn 6 onwards, ugh, annoying, just like my 2 little cousins, turning the house upside down... Guess, thats, -kids-.. How's the little one doing? Start sommersaulting? :p

Blogger Mella said...

Oh yeah, she's been flipping all over for weeks now...this is the fun part!

Blogger JunieRose said...


The little guy is sooo cute!
Enjoy every minute of it! :)


Blogger LJ said...

Oh Mella. He's the spitting image of you.
And he's getting so BIG!

Blogger John Paul said...

Very cute. Your little guy is doing pretty good with that pudding!

Our youngest girl, Sylvie, has the same language thing. I think she's about the same age (born dec. 26, 2004). She yells a lot, but can't speak any English yet. But she follows any instruction. She gets obsessed with routines. She will not have her juice until I've picked up my coffee cup. She'll point to it and yell "Da, DAAA!!" until I take a drink.

Blogger Mella said...

John Paul Oh wow, I didn't realize just how close in age our two little ones are - The Boss is just 3 days older than Sylvie! It's great to hear that he's not alone in his non-English babbling. And, that's adorable about her morning juice routine. My son insists on eating cheerios while standing at the coffee table - and he won't even consider starting until he has his cup of juice beside him. It's such a funny age.

Blogger Annie said...

The boss looks like his mama. I pray that your house will 'go through' without a hitch and may God bless you indeed.

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