Tuesday, January 24, 2006
I remember winter as wonderful. Snow storms blanketed the terrain in a cloak of wonder and awe. Small hills became mountainous. Trees became majestic with icicle crowns, limbs bent down, hiding me in their branches. Sap. Dirt. Dead leaves. All fresh and new - cleansed in white.

Snow angels. Forts. Sleds.

Ruddy nose, numb fingers, slush in my socks pinching my skin and melting around my ankles - all forgiven. Winter was magic that way.

It snowed yesterday and I felt the tingle of that 'ol magic rise up in me as I watched my son slap at the windows with glee.

To the sled!

I quickly set about blowing up his inflatable sled and pieced together enough winter clothing to keep him warm. Hand-me down mittens two sizes to big, a pair of snowpants bought at a consignment shop - a hat on sale and boots from a bin of 'old clothing' a former co-worker game me. No matter - we were going out, into the winter wonderland!

Armed with a camera and a smile, I was sweating before we even left the house. Bundling a one year old could be an exercise class taught at a gym. No matter though - we pressed on. With the sled beneath one arm and The Boss hoisted on my hip - we burst through the door and out into the crisp air and the breathtaking white landscape. Right smack dab in the glistening beauty of it all.

...The Boss, however, was not impressed.

This "I can't believe you pulled me away from Blues Clues for this" expression is the one he carried throughout our entire winter-wonderland experience. No smiles. No Giggles. No awe or wonder. Just this.

I pulled him over small hills, down the bumpy street, spun him in circles - and got nothing but this. Bored. Irritated. I believe he even rolled his eyes at me at one point.

Of course, if I was stuffed into enough clothing to suffocate a small animal, I would probably have been just as thrilled.

Oh well. There's always next year.

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Blogger mreddie said...

My grandson was bundled up about like this weekend before last, it had snowed and he was equally unimpressed. The main thing with him was that he wanted to sit down and/or move his arms and couldn't. You made this old guy chuckle, from your description of the boss and also memories of my daughter's "boss". ec

Blogger ~Deb said...

It is very magical seeing the trees with their diamond covered limbs. It's unreal. I love having all four seasons.

That picture of 'the boss' looks so adorable! Can he get any cuter?

Blogger cappy and pegody said...

Precious kid but I dont blame him for being grumpy. We are difinately not into snow, and come from the land of green christmasses.

Oh... just classic! I sometimes get the feeling that inner joy just can't really be understood by all, huh.
Still... I bet by next year he'll get it abit more.
He still looks gorgeous! And I'm hoping you had a fantastic time running around, relishing in the wonderland.

Blogger Skye said...

Give him a couple of years, Mella, and you won't be able to drag him inside! I remember my kids being exactly that way when they were very young too. Kinda disappointing though, huh?

Blogger Neo said...

Mella - Awwwww, that's so cute. I agree with the others, he's probably too young to appreciate it. When he gets older and gets those snow days off from school, it'll be much different.

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

Blogger Pikku Leijona said...

Aww .. poor Alex. Someday he'll regret not having fun :)

I just set up a blog .. thought I'd try and find yours and I am enjoying your stories.


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