Wednesday, January 11, 2006
Poor Baby
The Boss doesn't know what he wants. He toddles to his corner and pauses to whine at the window. He moans while sitting down beside the toy chest. He rubs his eyes with drooly little fists. He's tired, but won't sleep. He's bored, but won't play. He's thirsty, but won't drink. He's miserable. His fingers slide in and out of his mouth, poking at swollen gums.

One-year molars - right on time.


Make it all better Mom. Heal him with love!

Blogger mreddie said...

Both of my daughters are going through that with their little ones - my condolences. ec

Blogger ~Deb said...

He sounds as indecisive as I am!

“His drooly little fists.” How cute is this kid??? The only time I run away when I see drooly little fists, is when my niece is trying to get me to hold her while she has a horrible cold. Not fun.

Cheer that little cutie up!

Blogger LJ said...

Have been crazed with work lately, Mella but wanted to say this and the last two before are terrific. You're having a wonderful thaw - and it's a delight to read these.

Blogger Neo said...

Mella - Oh sounds like fun. Try some baby gum ointment, that might help him. Maybe even something cold like vanilla ice cream?


- Neo

Blogger Chris said...

Brandy or Vodka! That always helps to settle me down :)


Blogger Mella said...

Thanks everyone -

Naptime was strange today. From the floor below him, I could hear him up in the nursery, thumping his head or himself against he mattress. Not crying, not fussing, just a muffled *thump* every few minutes.

I went to investigate and found the little guy with a dumb smile on his face - and his shirt hitched up over one shoulder, an empty sleeve flapping at me. I have no idea what was going on. Perhaps, Baby Fight Club?

Finally, tonight, he's fast asleep. We decided to start with Baby Motrin before diving into the hard stuff...

Blogger szerin said...

:P This indicates something doesnt it, Mella..? It means, The Boss is growing up!... Just before u knew it, he'll be 2, 3, 4... graduates, married and there'll be The Boss jr... :-)

Blogger Chris said...

Well, it might be Baby Fight Club, but we'll never know.

The first rule of Baby Fight Club: You don't talk about Baby Fight Club.


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