Friday, January 06, 2006
Behind the Scenes
This is what The Boss has been up to whilst I've been riding that wave of words:

Imagine that little smattering of fruitloops, only larger. Like an ocean of crunchy cereal rings - With The Boss munching away in the center, King of Fruit Loop Island. We (I) had a little fun with the crumbs (1/3 less sugar - but just as messy) before lugging out the vacuum.


Blogger Neo said...

Mella -LOL, how cute! Too bad you could get a shot of the little guy munching away. That would have been super funny! Hey it could have been worse, he could have whipped out the milk and went to town. ;)


- Neo

PS. If you get a minute, I'd like your opinion of "Emily's Wings," over at JBI.

Blogger david C said...

It is my opinion that modern are is subjective.. we all must interpret our own meanings.....

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