Thursday, December 29, 2005
The Escape
They're everywhere. Christmas remnants are shoved in every corner of the house. Boxes and bags are stacked along the walls. Clumps of tissue paper and bows and ribbons climb the corners. Empty cans and bottles from parties held a week ago are still sitting quietly on tables, waiting to be tossed into recycle bins. The house is frozen in the aftermath of the holidays - a trashheap of red and green napkins and paperplates - crusted with frosting and cake or dusted with crumbs.

And I'm leaving it all behind, hoping for fairies to come and tidy it all as I sneak off with my husband. We're babyless for two glorious nights, (thank God for the in-laws), and we're stealing away to a hotel in the city for two nights. I'm not bringing the laptop...but I am bringing a pen and notebook (writing the old fashioned way) and a couple of stocking-stuffer novels to indulge on while eating breakfast in bed and spending a lazy morning in bathrobe and slippers. I'm envisioning coffee shops, evening strolls through city streets lined with sparkling lights and room service.

Hopefully the result of this indulgent escape will be inspiration and pages of eloquence to post here in the near future.



Blogger King Of Hearts said...

Greetings for New Year!

Blogger david C said...

Sometimes we all need a bit of an escape. Speaking of in-laws, Jennifer and I are moving to the country before our little one arrives. Lower the mortgage and also to get closer to our parents in case we need an emergency sitter or our new one needs a bit of spoiling!

Blogger mreddie said...

Our pastor has said that if you don't "come apart" - get away from it all for a while - you will come apart - as an individual or a couple. Always did think he was a wise man. ec

Blogger szerin said...

Haha, im back from the 10-day vacation to Singapore..!.. Finally get to read your blog, after missing it for sumwhut 10 days... Happy babyles Mella, the boss must be happy too, parentless for 48 glorious hours... :p

Blogger Teri said...

Oooh fun!! By the city, I assume you mean BeanTown? So cool.

Blogger Neo said...

Mella -Ah, the old days! I miss writing on paper. I do it once and awhile but the computer is just so much easier!

Hope you have a blast!

Have a great and wonderful New Years!


God Bless

- Neo

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