Tuesday, December 27, 2005
This Side of Christmas
We left before sun-up; blanketed beneath a midnight blue sky. Bundled and hobbling with bags and boxes and the baby, we stuffed ourselves into the car. Fog seeped from the sides of the winding roads as we weaved our way to the highway. Seven AM and it was dreary and dead as night.

I hate this part winter. I sighed to the window, watching the wisps of fog curl in white puffs along the car. Early winter is light and hopeful. Snow is fresh and white and clean. The cold is enchanting and magical. It paints breath in delicate swirls before our eyes and daintily frosts windows with its sparkle overnight.

But this side of winter is a downward slope, moving further and further away from Christmas and twinkle of lights on new snow
. This side of winter winds before me like the roads we were driving, dark and enshrouded with fog. The snow is no longer fresh and white and clean - it's brown sludge that mucks up the roads and turns the scenery into a solid mass of white and brown. The cold is no longer wistful. It's numbing and cruel and it pinches at your skin as you wait for the heat to kick on in the car.

What do you mean? My husband asked as we pulled onto the highway, leaving the fog behind. The sky ahead was lighter too, a gentle plum color. But still no sun. The days are getting longer now. We're in the upswing.

I stopped sulking for a minute and watched him. A small smile was resting on his lips as he drove - looking ahead into the lightening purple sky. He was right. We're in the upswing.

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Blogger Neo said...

Mella -Nice. Each day is one day closer to spring. Clocks ticking. ;)

Blogger mreddie said...

I was with you as you drug me through the dark fog. Just as I was starting to get lonely and used to the cold, grimy snow, you popped me back into the light. Now I'm thinking of spring and a garden. :) ec

Blogger Pat Pritchett said...

How about the Boss and Christmas? There has to be a story there!

Blogger hagfish said...

I like your writing. Very beautiful.

Blogger LJ said...

We have fog and rain this year. But after the "weather bombs" and blizzards with hurricane winds of the last two years - I find myself thrilled with fog.
But I'm right with you on wanting the light back.
Lovely piece, Mella.

Blogger JunieRose2005 said...


I enjoyed reading your thoughts and feelings about your winter experience. You have a wonderful way with words!

This piece reminded me of a winter poem I put on my site. But of course, my Winter feelings are different from yours, since I live in a kinder winter zone!



Blogger Mella said...

Pat~ You know, the moment that stands out the most to me about this whirlwind of gifts and parties for The Boss? It was Christmas eve night, and he stood in a room filled with brand new toys.

Puzzles. Pop-up books. Flashing - blinking - buzzing toys. Shiny ones. Fuzzy ones. Every type of toy imaginable.

And The Boss stood, surveying his new treasure den - in a corner, by the couch. He was wearing a giant grin and flapping his favorite toy of all. A diaper.

Blogger Weird said...

Great stuff as usual Mella. I linked back to your site. I hope that's OK.


Blogger Mella said...

I'm flattered, Weird. Thank you.

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