Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Oh, What a Difference a Year Makes: Part Three
Over the past year, even The Boss's uncle has undergone a transformation:

December 2004
And...in 2005

(I'll be back to writing here after The Boss's birthday. In the meantime, for posts that don't involve The Birthday Countdown, click here.)


Blogger mreddie said...

This was a good idea, I'm enjoying the then and nows. ec

Nods head in agreement with Mr Ed.

Loving the befores and nows. :)

Thanks for sharing.

So, what kind of cake is the boss going to get?


Blogger mygreenirisheyes said...

Tell Uncle he looks cuter in the "before" with short hair! LOL

I love your idea too!

Blogger Mella said...

Thanks guys! I'll be searching through more pictures...we'll see what I can find.

mygreenirisheyes~ Ha! I'll let him know. Though, he has little control over his hair these days. His girlfriend has been grooming him for the past year! =)

Blogger The Lop said...

Hey at least The Boss's uncle isn't dying his hair black anymore!

At long last... here it is


not doing you justice I'm afraid, but I'm no good with icing! hehehe

Merry Christmas!

Blogger Neo said...

Mella -If I don't see you post before Christmas, may yours be filled with joy and blessings. *hugs*


- Neo

Blogger szerin said...

yeah, uncle is cool in the -before- mella.. But well, nothing much can be done i guess since his girlfriend is doing the grooming job... =)

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