Thursday, November 03, 2005
Scene From the Stir-Up's
I'm vulnerable and chilled, sitting in a paper gown and staring down at the stir-ups by my dangling legs. They're wrapped in shiny purple plastic advertising the latest drug from the latest pharmaceutical company. The doctor knocks and enters. Smiles. Handshakes.

Then we fall into the normal doctor-patient chatter:

How's your baby?

Good, growing fast. My ankles nervously cross and re-cross. My fingers pinch the thin paper closed over my chest.

Any problems lately?


Normal periods? He asks, his nose tipped down, leaning over my file.

Well, sort of. I answer, confused. (Nonexistent should constitute regular when your pregnant, right?)

Oh, ok, when was your last period?

Well...I miscarried on September 4th, but before that it was in July.

July? He looks at me wide eyed and flips frantically through his papers. Have you had unprotected sex?

Uh, yeah.

So, there's a chance you might be pregnant.

Uh, YEAH...

Oh, so you think you ARE pregnant?

Yeah...that's why I'm here!

Did we know this?

Yeah, I did blood work two weeks ago!

I thought you were here for a routine pap smear! He's now tearing my file apart looking for the blood work results from two weeks prior.

Sitting in that terrible paper towel-dress, I couldn't help but smile as he squirmed and tore through his notes. For a brief moment, it was as if he was in the breezy-gown, embarrassed and vulnerable. And I didn't have to get a pap smear - that'll make any girl happy.


Blogger LJ said...

Oh, what a marvelous way to think of it! Him being vulnerable.
I had a "bad" result on a mammogram not far back and had to go for three more. It turned out to be a smudge...unexplained, not a cancer indication. But a year later I see my family GP - Doctor Nice-but-tightly-wound, let's call her...and she notices the test result. Then another. And another. And demands, "WHAT WAS WRONG WITH YOUR MAMMOGRAM?"
And I smiled. Inwardly. Hello, My name is....and I've been your patient for over ten years! Remember the chat we had where you scared the living daylights out of me?
Mella - Did he FIND the results?????

Blogger Mella said...

Oh! Yes, he found the results. Everything looks good ~ although he didn't even try to listen for a heartbeat. I'll have an ultrasound on the 14th to date the pregnancy and hopefully (finally) see the heartbeat.

Blogger Carrie said...

loved your writing "...Stir-Up's"

Blogger LJ said...

Crossing finger and toes for you tootsie!

Blogger Teri said...

Ooh! Can't wait to hear more.


and I'm sure there were sighs of relief at the missed pap-smear!

Exciting stuff, Mella!

Blogger Susanna Rose said...


That is so great! I love how you chose to tell us all...very creative!(= Well, you're going to have your hands full but I think it's really cool that you've decided to have another so quick! Your first one is SO cute I can see why you're anxious for a second!!!

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